Link Love

Yahoo, for the first link love post of the year! Here's to making 2016 the best year yet!

For most people the new year means new resolutions, mostly those involving fitness and a healthy lifestyle. You know the saying...New Year, New Me! Well lucky for you this post will not be dedicated to the new fad workout or quick fix diet.

This post ladies and gentlemen will be filled with all sorts of links to get your bank account fat in 2016. For me this year is all about experiences and creating more memories through them so with that we will need to increase our savings so that we can spend money on things that are worth wild!

Check out the links below which are pretty amazing in terms of saving money...

~ This article is great for trying to save abundantly on a lower income. How I tripled my savings in 3 months 

~ Need extra cash well stop spending..duh! 20 ways to stop wasting money & start saving now

~ Download the Digit app to start saving money without even thinking about it. I call it the sneaky saver!

~ This is a great article to help you be more mindful with your saving goals - 7 Financial New Year's Resolutions to avoid.

~ Have you heard of the 52 Week Money Challenge? Here are 6 Ways to hack the challenge.

I hope you find the links and tips about useful. Spending money is always fun but we have to be mindful and also save so that we can budget properly and start saving for the future. Also, what fun is spending if you don't have any money saved! ;-) 

Enjoy the weekend! After all the snow and days off I'm looking forward to being out and about this weekend! 

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