Girls Gift Guide

Girls Gift Guide

Perfume / Pink Gift Set / Eye Shadow Palette / Lip Stick / Stemless wine glasses / Candle / Matches

'Tis the season! Now is the time to start shopping (if you haven't already) for gifts for your favorite guys and girls! 

I will be posting a few gift ideas over the next few weeks to give you a few gift inspirations if you will! Shopping can be fun but also exhausting if you end up searching forever for the perfect gift! Hopefully these quick guides will give you some ideas if you haven't found anything for loved ones.

First up, Girls!!! The items above are very random and would work well for your best friend, coworker, or relative. These could also work for neighbors, teachers, and other people in your life you would like to give a gift. 

1) Viva La Juicy Roller balls ~ Are perfect for the minimalist that loves to smell good! You can toss these in your purse, car or keep one on your nightstand. 

2) PINK Keep it Cozy Gift Set ~ This gift set would be a hit for a cozy girl that loves her beauty rest. The gift set packs spa-day essentials in a shimmery bag with body lotion, mist, socks, eye mask and other beauty faves.

3) Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Palette ~ Who doesn't love a good eye shadow palette especially when its Bobbi Brown, this would be great for a person just starting out with makeup for even for your beauty queen gal pal.

4) MAC Lip Stick ~ Lip Stick may not be a traditional gift but if it happens to be a color or brand that you swear by then it would be the perfect gift for your close friend or someone you know that enjoys makeup/lips sticks just as much as you do! ;-)

5) Stemless Wine glasses ~ These stemless wine glasses would be a great addition to some one's kitchen. It also doesn't hurt that they are somewhat festive with the gold glitter spotted bottoms. Who wouldn't want to sip a little wine out of these?

6) Candles ~ There are so many different candles and scents that you can't go wrong with gifting someone a candle, its a lot easier if you know what types of scents they like but if not you can't go wrong with a festive holiday candle or lavender (its perfect for baths and bedtime)!

7) Matches ~ The holiday season is probably the most common time for someone to gift a candle, which is fine. I love candles, so the more the merrier. I however think that if you plan to gift a candle then also gift some cute matches to go along so that the gift is complete. There are some people, believe it or not that don't carry around lighters. 

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