His first time!

Andrew just started his first swimming lessons a few weeks ago and is doing so well! Unlike Aaron's first time swimming I decided to throw Andrew in solo. He loves the water and I didn't think he would get much "independence" if we did a child and parent class together. The kid is very independent and in the "I can do it by myself" toddler stage. I will say I was VERY hesitant at first because Andrew is a tiny little thing and compared to his classmates so much shorter.

The first class was a little intimidating for him and you could see the hesitation in his eyes but he clinged to the instructor and became very engaged in the class. He did so well he passed to the next level of preschool swimming. Preschool Level 2 is much more challenging for him because its located in a deeper area of the pool, so I think he's mostly scared however, the kid loves to put his face in the water whenever possible. I'm hoping we continue to progress onto the next levels but at this age I'm also comfortable with repeating certain levels to make sure that he feels comfortable in the water.

Both Aaron and Andrew have been in swimming lessons all summer and I think I will continue the lessons into the fall so they can really capture the technique. I don't want them to forget everything they learned. Aaron loves the water and is advancing pretty quickly. He looks forward to every class and I'm not sure he is really interested in much of anything else at the time. We will see what other activities we can find that keep them busy during the school year.

Here are a few pictures from Andrew's first preschool swimming lesson:

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