Workout Wednesday

Just a little pep talk...

I know it's been quite some time now that I posted a Workout Wednesday post.  I can't even say why to be honest, yes I've been busy but aren't we all. Excuses excuses, we all have them.  I definitely find it challenging to fit in my workouts MOST days but that honestly is what's exciting for me. 

I enjoy seeing how far I can push myself day after day. It really is a journey and for me personally I've noticed that my workouts have been in cycles the past few months.  I stay strong for a few weeks and then fall off and then get back on...repeating it over and over.  Not sure why this happens maybe I'm burnt out or bored nonetheless it always clock work. 

Well, I decided as of today I need to push out my journey indefinitely...this is not a day, week, or month challenge. It's my life! Yes I will have setbacks but it's about getting back up. It's about not giving up and being consistent. 

I want to change my perspective and outlook and focus on what can be done done now to get me to where I want to be. We are so quick to think a head and say we want x, y, and z but what can we do right now to achieve our goals??!!! Work...we can work hard right now.  Little by little, day by day those small changes will add up and eventually you'll surpass those goals you initially set. I want to be stronger than I was yesterday. What do you want? Better yet, what can you do to get there? Let's make it happen!

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