Things have got to...


Now that the boys are getting older and we are revamping their room it's time to get rid of stuff! Spring cleaning at it's finest! I'm working on a big haul the next couple of weeks.

So far we have cleaned out the toy box and donated a bunch of toys the boys no longer play with. I like for them to be involved in what we give away so I tell them to put aside all the things that other boys and girls can play with. Aaron is always so eager to give things away and even kind enough to keep his favorite toys for his little brother. Andrew on the other hand wants to keep EVERYTHING even if he has yet to play with it! Too many toys! In the future, we are definitely scaling back on small toys...way too many things and why are they even necessary if you can only really play with one or two things at a time. Feel me?

The next couple of weeks we will be cleaning everything from head to toe to just get rid of the old so to speak. I'm still working on upgrading the boys room so now is the best time to rid of clutter. Also, with the weather finally changing up we are transitioning from winter clothes to summer clothes! Goodbye long sleeve shirts and corduroy pants! Hello short sleeves and shorts.

Is there a certain time of year that you donate clothes and toys or do you typically put things aside from time to time? It seems like when seasons changes that is the best time to really evaluate what you have and what you need! Here's to getting rid of the old and bringing in the new! :-)

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