Workout Wednesday

The weather has been crazy here!!! Snow, sleet, rain, wintery mix and more snow so it's been a challenge getting to the gym. It can be very discouraging to workout when the weather isn't great, winter depression is real! However, you can get through it! I love working out at home when the weather is bad, I just pop in my favorite workout DVD and get to work.

That brings me to this week's workout! Due to the weather I have decided to launch a new workout program. If you know me at all you know I LOVE to switch things up not just my workouts, but style, hair, everything! :-) So today I introduce the 21 Day Fix Extreme! I just ordered this workout and I'm ready to kick some butt!

This program is guaranteed to get you shredded in 21 days! It includes both a workout and meal plan! Each week I'm going to review a DVD and share with you my own personal experience with the workout and meal plan. This is probably the fastest way to get bikini ready for the summer! I just love beachbody workout DVDs so hoping this is no exception! Here's to a killer workout and a bikini ready body ;-)

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