Workout Wednesday

I know it's been a while but I'm back at it like I never left! Fitness is something that I struggle with, don't get me wrong I love it but just like everything else sometimes it has to sit on the back burner. I try not to go too long without working out maybe 2 weeks max just because it takes twice as long to build up what you my opinion.

In order to have more time during the evenings to hang out with the boys, cook dinner and just relax I have started to incorporate a few morning workouts. I started back up with one of my favorite DVDs, Turbo Fire! It's so fun even at 5:00am and it has me sweating like I just ran 5 miles. Can't beat that!

On the days where I'm exhausted and don't have a full 30-45 minutes to workout in the morning I opt for the short workout below. It's perfect when you are running low on time but still want to get in a quick sweat session before hitting the shower.

I try to gauge the workout based on how much time I have, you can do a few rounds (3-4) within 10-15 minutes. Try adding weights if you want something a little more challenging! I highly recommend trying to workout in the morning if you have time. It allows you to keep your week nights free and we know how easy it is to cancel a workout if you are tired or too busy at night. Working out in the morning cancels all that out, you no longer have to cram everything in.

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