It's time for a change

It's time for a change

~Bunk Beds~

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It's finally the time when we say goodbye to Andrew's toddler bed/crib and Aaron's twin bookshelf bed. I'm so excited for the boys to have a bunk beds, I think they are at the age now and it would really create more open space in their room. Growing up my younger brother and I shared a room for a short time and we had bunk beds. They were great except for that one time when someone fell off but hey, you live and you learn! :-)

I still haven't found a set that I'm totally in love with but the ones above come pretty close to what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a dark cherry color that's pretty sturdy so that we can have it for a few years until we move into a bigger space. I like the idea of the later being attached because then there is little room for it being knocked or pulled down. 

I plan to do a total revamp of their room once I select the bunk beds. We will most likely do a clean sweep of their old toys and add a book shelf to their room. The ideas are endless, I plan to checkout Pinterest to see what all I can find! Stay tuned for the outcome!

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Jess said...

Love all the bed options, sure that your kiddos will enjoy the one you go with.