Link Love

Still in shock that it's 2015!

This is my first link love post for the new year!

I enjoy this time of the year because we get a few extra holidays and because I have a strong love for the month of February (hello birthday)! It's also the time of the year we typically see a lot of snow. I have to admit I don't like to drive in the snow (I mean who does) but I think snow creates such beautiful scenery! I just love looking out from my window and seeing that fluffy stuff covered over everything! Not to mention snow days!!! :-)

With it being a new year and all. This post for link love is dedicated to being more productive this year and just adding small rituals to your daily routine.

Life Lately

Here is a snippet of our life the past few weeks via pictures.  2015 is already off to a great start! These guys definitely keep me on my toes. One of my goals for 2015 is to try and capture everything. Sometimes so many things are going on that last thing I remember is my camera and by then it's too late... So here's to more pictures in 2015!

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe the year of 2015 is here! Seems like it was just 2002 yesterday...well not exactly but you get what I'm saying.

I really enjoyed the holidays this year, it was slow and relaxing and just what I needed it to be. It was exciting to celebrate Christmas this year because Andrew is getting older and both him and Aaron couldn't contain themselves the morning of. I love seeing them play together and the relationship they have keeps growing stronger everyday.

I love it when they take pictures together! :-)

I plan to get back on schedule with regular postings. Be on the lookout for more posts about workouts, recipes, fashion and of course updates on the boys and the life of a busy mom of two.