Never too much

The love I have for my boys is so dear to my heart. I can't even being to explain how much I love them and each in their own special way. I thank god everyday for giving me the opportunity to be their mother. I cherish each and every day and some days I overdo it by hugging them a little longer or giving them a million and one kisses but it's because I love them! 

I could never do too much for them. Some days we spend the day together just having fun and watching their favorite shows while eating oreos (them more so then me) and they just laugh and smile and climb all over each other (and me). I love to spoil not everyday but if they've been behaving really well and listening I have no other choice to reward them for a job well done! They both love cookies and cupcakes (who doesn't!?!?!) so some days we make special trips to the bakery or depending on time we will run into our local 7-11 which never disappoints.

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