My little baby

My little baby turned 2 this weekend! He had such a great day. I'm so thankful that I was given the opportunity to be his mother. 

He is such a loving child. His curiosity gets him into trouble but he always means well. Here are a few pictures that I was able to capture during our celebration with family and close friends. 

Link Love

Hello there!! I know it's been quiet but I"m still here! I plan to be back on it next week.

Here are a few links I've been loving over the past few weeks.

P.S. Today is my Mom's Birthday!!! Wishing her the best birthday yet and many more to come! I don't know what I would do without you! I love you more than words can describe!

Have a great weekend! I'm gearing up for Andrew's 2nd birthday so I've got a lot to do today and tomorrow. We will be enjoying LOTS and LOTS of cake! :-)

3 Things

There is so much I'm loving lately. I love fall! The weather is getting cooler but there is still just the right amount of sun during the day. It's just so beautiful outside!

Let me start off by saying I ♡ this little guy with his new haircut! His hair was getting out of control so his Awesome Aunt did us a huge favor and cut off the excess!

I'm always on the go these days, well pretty much EVERY day! To avoid stopping at fast food joints I try my best to pack somewhat healthy snack. Lately, my favorite go to snacks are KIND bars! They are sooooo delicious! They're low in sugar and are packed with healthy nuts so you get your protein in! They offer so many different combinations. If you haven't tried them already please pick up one - they are available at your local grocery store, Costco, gas stations, and Starbucks! :-)

 Now that November is here, my favority Starbucks drink is officially available!! Who doesn't love Peppermint Mocha! It's the perfect balance of mint and chocolate! Also, if you cut back on the whipped cream its not too bad for your waistline!

Happy FRIDAY!!!

Never too much

The love I have for my boys is so dear to my heart. I can't even being to explain how much I love them and each in their own special way. I thank god everyday for giving me the opportunity to be their mother. I cherish each and every day and some days I overdo it by hugging them a little longer or giving them a million and one kisses but it's because I love them! 

I could never do too much for them. Some days we spend the day together just having fun and watching their favorite shows while eating oreos (them more so then me) and they just laugh and smile and climb all over each other (and me). I love to spoil not everyday but if they've been behaving really well and listening I have no other choice to reward them for a job well done! They both love cookies and cupcakes (who doesn't!?!?!) so some days we make special trips to the bakery or depending on time we will run into our local 7-11 which never disappoints.

My Superhero Boys

The boys were Batman & Robin this Halloween.  Aaron is infatuated with superheros these days so he couldn't be anything other than Batman especially since he's already been Spider-man and Hulk. Once Aaron picked out Batman it was only right to have his littler brother tagged as Robin! As always, I'm mom so this year I opted for a batman (girl) t-shirt! I know lame but I'm really not into dressing up and what not. Maybe next year?

The lady with the red hat is my Granny! Isn't she the cutest witch!