Workout Wednesday

I've got a tough workout for you today!!! Hope you are ready to sweat!!!This is a lower body workout that is sure to have your legs on fire! The workout is intended to be used in conjunction with a treadmill but you can always substitute the treadmill with jumping jacks, jump ropes, or speed skaters. Either way its sure to be a great high intensity workout.

Lower Body HIIT Workout

WARM-UP: Treadmill~ Speed:3.5/Incline:0 = 5 minutes

Walking Lunges = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3/Incline:15 = 2 minutes

Standing Squats = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3.2/Incline:13 = 2 minutes

Jumping Lunges = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3.4/Incline:11 = 2 minutes

Jumping Squats = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3.6/Incline:9 = 2 minutes

Jumping Squats with Jumping Lunges = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3.8/Incline:7 = 2 minutes

COOL DOWN: Treadmill~ Speed:2.5/Incline:0 = 5 minutes

Sweat is WEAKNESS leaving the body, 

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