Workout Wednesday

Hello OCTOBER!!!!

Now that I've been in my workout routine for a few weeks I thought I would share what I've been doing the past few weeks and what I plan to continue to do. First, let me say that this fitness journey is real! I feel like I bust my butt throughout the weekend and then I just want to relax on the weekends! Is that normal? I hope I'm not alone here but man it can be hard at times! I'm still working on finding a balance and what works for me but man, I'm learning something new EVERYDAY! :-)

So for the past month my weeks have looked something like this.

Monday ~ Zumba
Tuesday ~ Cycling
Wednesday ~ Strength Training : Upper Body
Thursday ~ Werq
Friday ~ Strength Training : Lower Body
Saturday ~ Zumba
Sunday ~ Rest

I notice there is a lot of cardio but I LOVE moving! I plan to switch this up and cut back to just one day of Zumba and replace it with a HIIT workout or a long sweat session on the StairMaster. I want to focus more on cardio that also builds muscle so more HIIT workouts that include plyometrics. I also plan to add in a total body workout day so that I work all muscle groups on one specific day. I plan to post a before/after picture soon! So stay tuned on this forever fitness journey of mine!


I Taylor said...

Wow- you are truely motivated! Sometimes when I get home, I cant find the time or inspiration to keep it going. What are some things you do that keep you motivated and focused to work out?

Andrea Taylor said...

You just have to schedule it, just like everything else in life. If you can make time to do your hair every morning then you can make time to squeeze in a 10-15 minute workout. It doesn't matter how long the workout is, it just matters that you worked out! Consistency is key!