We're on the move!

With work, daycare, school, gym, and grocery shopping we are ALWAYS on the move! 

I don't know if I just can't sit still or what but I'm just always moving around. Even after a long work week which usually includes at least 3 trips to the gym I still want to find something to do on the weekends. 

Don't get me wrong I do enjoy lounging around every now and then but it's not that frequent these days. I guess I'm just trying to get out and about before I'm stuck inside due the weather (hello winter). So I plan to take advantage of the nice weather for the next couple of weeks.

This weekend we are heading to the Lego Convention so I'm sure the boys will have a blast. Last weekend we picked apples and here are a few snaps of the boys. They had a great time and Aaron asked to come back next year so I think we will have to make this a fall tradition.

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