Workout Wednesday

So I'm pretty sure if you've been reading for a while that you noticed I like to switch things up! What can I say, I get bored easily! I've been working out pretty consistently for a while now and I need a challenge. Since the weather is still somewhat nice outside with a slight breeze I don't really feel like a indoor workout (checkout my DVD collection). 

So I have decided to go for the gold and work towards completing a half marathon (13.1 miles). I know, I'm crazy! Really I'm absolutely crazy but I need something that will challenge both my mind and body and I think this will do the trick. I ran a 5K last September and was AMAZED at how well I did! So I'm gonna start with a simple 10K and then progress to 10 miles and then boom 13.1 miles! 

What's the worse that could happen...if anything, this may motivate me to complete a full marathon! I doubt if I'll do that but who knows. So as I start to prepare for my first 10K, I have decided to try a new workout which involves running at least 3 times a week. Here's my new routine! Wish me luck! Feel free to join me on this new running journey :-)

4 Week Beginner 10K Training Schedule
CT - Cross Training
ER - Easy Run (Steady pace)
LR - Long Run (Slow steady pace)

Week 1:
Day 1: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 2: 2 miles ER
Day 3: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 4: 2 miles ER
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 3 miles LR
Day 7: 2 miles brisk walk or Rest

Week 2:
Day 1: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 2: 2.5 miles ER
Day 3: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 4: 2.5 miles ER
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 4 miles LR
Day 7: 2 miles brisk walk or Rest

Week 3:
Day 1: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 2: 3 miles ER
Day 3: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 4: 3 miles ER
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 5 miles LR
Day 7: 2 miles brisk walk or Rest

Week 4:
Day 1: 3 miles ER
Day 2: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 3: 3 miles ER
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: 2 miles ER
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 10K Day!

Life lately

Life has been a little busy the past few weeks. We were out of town for two weekends, had a field trip and celebrated a birthday (Patrick) this month so it's been busy needless to say.  Plus, we are gearing  up for Halloween. This is going to be a LONG week! I captured a few moments from the last few weeks on my phone. I know I should invest in a good camera but until then my Samsung Galaxy will do!

Workout Wednesday

FOCUS on the...GOOD

I had a reminder this weekend when I didn't have a chance to get my workout in because I was out of town. Why beat yourself up because you didn't get your workout in??? In life we just have to adapt and go with the flow! I may not be able to workout EVERY single day but when I can I should and that's all that really matters. Same goes for when I workout but I don't have a chance to give it my all, at least I got to workout!

It's all about baby steps!!! We all struggle sometimes and what we should focus on is that good, that fact that we are alive and well! So go ahead and have a cheat meal or two, you deserve it! I don't like to deprive myself of things I crave because that could backfire in the long run. I just try to make small decisions everyday that ultimately lead to big results!

I don't workout to be perfect or skinny, I workout to be healthy! I workout so that I can feel good and be strong! I workout so that I can be fast and fierce! So I strive for progress NOT perfection. I know that I've come a long way and I just need to stick with it.

3 things

First, let me just say this is NOT a promotion for Old Navy but they are killin' it right now with stuff for the whole family! So I had to pick up a few things for the boys and myself :-) Did I mention everything was on sale?!?!

Zip Front Sweater
I picked this sweater up for the boys (same color for both). It's perfect for layering either a t-shirt or a button up. I love that it's a full zipper so that they can bundle up if they choose to.

Quilted Vest
I tried this vest on in the store and was completely in awe over it! It's the perfect piece for this fall. I can layer it with a long sleeve tee or stack it on warm by layering it over a jean jacket or blazer for a different look.
Graphic Tee
I got this sweatshirt for Aaron because he's starting to read and wants all of his shirts to have words on them! If it helps him with school then why not, right? Plus, it's not too shabby!

Link Love

Here are a few links I'd like to share from the past few weeks.

  • I can't wait to try this ~ Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup! It would be perfect for a chilly night.
  • I think we could all use a health boost these days ~ 3 DIY Super Healthy Smoothies
  • In a weight loss rut? These ~ 6 Tips to Get Out of Your Rut will do the job to get you back on track!
  • I heart Mexican food! I don't get it as often as I would like to but boy do I enjoy it when I have the chance. This ~ Almost Chili's Salsa is a copycat of the real deal at Chili's and I will be testing it out soon enough!
  • Unfortunately, I don't have a personal assistant so this is the next best thing ~ 25+ Apps that make life easier.
  • 33 Totally Creepy MakeUp Looks ~ I need some ideas for Halloween, so maybe I will attempt one of these looks.
  • I love soup! This ~ Tortilla Soup looks amazing!! I will be testing it out during the next few months.
  • I saw the quote below and it just reminded me that life is not a race, we really have to work at it and take it one day at a time. So take your time, put in the work and enjoy the journey :-) 

Workout Wednesday

I've got a tough workout for you today!!! Hope you are ready to sweat!!!This is a lower body workout that is sure to have your legs on fire! The workout is intended to be used in conjunction with a treadmill but you can always substitute the treadmill with jumping jacks, jump ropes, or speed skaters. Either way its sure to be a great high intensity workout.

Lower Body HIIT Workout

WARM-UP: Treadmill~ Speed:3.5/Incline:0 = 5 minutes

Walking Lunges = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3/Incline:15 = 2 minutes

Standing Squats = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3.2/Incline:13 = 2 minutes

Jumping Lunges = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3.4/Incline:11 = 2 minutes

Jumping Squats = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3.6/Incline:9 = 2 minutes

Jumping Squats with Jumping Lunges = 1 minute
Treadmill~ Speed:3.8/Incline:7 = 2 minutes

COOL DOWN: Treadmill~ Speed:2.5/Incline:0 = 5 minutes

Sweat is WEAKNESS leaving the body, 

Next Month

Next month my littlest guy will be 2!!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by, it really feels like we skipped a few months. The last few months he's grown SOOOOO MUCH!!! He's talking so much more and doing big boy things. He's a little character!

He is such a loving little boy. Everyday he tells us he loves us and gives us hugs and kisses, such a lover! He also starting tell me he loves me and then would say, "Daddy, loves you too" or "Aaron,  loves you too" he's very thoughtful. He loves sharing, particularly when it involves food! So if he has a snack then you will have a snack too :-)

Day by day he is becoming more and more independent. He no longer likes to sit in his highchair and will now sit at the table like everyone else. I'm pretty sure he thinks that he is the same age as Aaron (5). He adores Aaron, although they don't always get along for the most part they have a great relationship. He's so happy when Aaron plays with him and watches movies on the Ipad with him.

I'm looking forward to what the next year brings and all the little stages in between. I know the saying about 2 year olds but I'm hoping they won't be so terrible. We will have our challenges but as with everything it will be an adventure.

Life happens...

Things don't always go as planned and sometimes we get set back but isn't it all a part of life?

Lately I feel like I've been having a hard time balancing everything, I just get tired and things don't get finished. I'm not a big planner but I like to have an idea in my mind about how the day will pan out. During the week we have so much to get done and then when the weekend come we just want to relax and enjoy life but sometimes it doesn't happen like that. Some days we have tantrums and some days we have special projects that need to be completed. Some days we don't have dinner ready and have to make last minute plans. Some days are hectic...but I know its just LIFE!

I think the older I get the more I realize that there is no secret formula to getting everything done. You just have to get it done when you can and accept that. These days I'm just living and if that means I get behind on things then well I'm just behind. I don't want to have to worry about the small things in life so much that I miss out on what really is important and that's just LIVING! So if I get to the laundry then great but if not, there will always be tomorrow :-) That also goes for my workouts, if I can't fit it in then I will get to it later. No sense in beating yourself up for something that didn't go as planning, things happen and its called LIFE so enjoy it.

~Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and just go where your heart takes you~

Workout Wednesday

Today's post is about MOTIVATION!

What keeps you going day after day? For me, I would say it's my family! I want to be there for them. I want to continue making healthy decisions so that I can be around for a long time. I want to be active with them and encourage them to be active as well.

One thing that keeps me motivated is seeing people who are twice my age still involved with fitness! It's so inspirational to see some working out as hard as me if not harder busting their butt in a workout not to mention they are old enough to be my parent if not older. I want to be that person when I'm older, I want to be able to out run those younger than me :-) I'm not saying I want to beat EVERYONE, I'm just saying I want to be a part of the race!

Let me be honest, some days are harder than others. Some days I'm not motivated to do anything but I know that I will feel awful if I don't stay consistent. If I've learned anything during my health/fitness journey it's that consistency is KEY! You have to stick with it, you may not see results overnight but if you continue day after day to make changes you will see changes. I've seen myself come far and then I've seen myself fall back and it's not pretty at all. All that hard work...GONE! If you truly want change you have to continue to work at it even when you get to where you want to be you have to maintain. 

I've really found that scheduling my workouts for the week really works for me. It helps me stick to a schedule and if I need to I can move things around in order to ensure that I get my workout in for the day. I got a planner last month and it's been the best thing ever! I schedule my workouts, doctor appointments, weekend activities and everything else! It's really helped me get into a schedule with everything. 

A LEGO Weekend!

Over the weekend we traveled to Richmond for the Lego Kids fest. The boys had a BLAST! There were Legos everywhere!!! They had Lego creation stations set up all over the convention center with different focuses. They also had huge Lego displays all throughout the center. Here are some pictures of our Lego adventure.



Link Love

Here are my links to share for the week! Enjoy!

  • First up, a friend just launched her jewelry line! Check out her lovely work ~ Designs by Stacy Lee  Her work is beautiful, if you need a few everyday pieces or if you are looking for something special she definitely can help you out.
  • I'm not a bigger baker but boy do I enjoy it when I have time! This ~ Skillet Caramel Peach Pie is next on the list for me! Let me also note that this site Get Off Your Butt and BAKE is one of my top favorites for recipes, I've tried a handful of things and they have become staples in my house. Everything she posts looks divine, you have to check her out if you haven't already.

  • Looking for a new hairstyle ~ The Beauty Department put out this post, Language of Layers and it does a great job of explain different layers and gives tips for how to ask your stylist for layers.
  • I've read about drinking warm lemon water first thing when you wake up but I didn't know it helped your skin glow. I may have to start this ~ Warm Water with Lemon
  • This workout ~ HIIT IT HARD is on my list for this weekend! Jessica even includes a video for all you visuals out there! Get ready to sweat! :-)

We're on the move!

With work, daycare, school, gym, and grocery shopping we are ALWAYS on the move! 

I don't know if I just can't sit still or what but I'm just always moving around. Even after a long work week which usually includes at least 3 trips to the gym I still want to find something to do on the weekends. 

Don't get me wrong I do enjoy lounging around every now and then but it's not that frequent these days. I guess I'm just trying to get out and about before I'm stuck inside due the weather (hello winter). So I plan to take advantage of the nice weather for the next couple of weeks.

This weekend we are heading to the Lego Convention so I'm sure the boys will have a blast. Last weekend we picked apples and here are a few snaps of the boys. They had a great time and Aaron asked to come back next year so I think we will have to make this a fall tradition.

Workout Wednesday

Hello OCTOBER!!!!

Now that I've been in my workout routine for a few weeks I thought I would share what I've been doing the past few weeks and what I plan to continue to do. First, let me say that this fitness journey is real! I feel like I bust my butt throughout the weekend and then I just want to relax on the weekends! Is that normal? I hope I'm not alone here but man it can be hard at times! I'm still working on finding a balance and what works for me but man, I'm learning something new EVERYDAY! :-)

So for the past month my weeks have looked something like this.

Monday ~ Zumba
Tuesday ~ Cycling
Wednesday ~ Strength Training : Upper Body
Thursday ~ Werq
Friday ~ Strength Training : Lower Body
Saturday ~ Zumba
Sunday ~ Rest

I notice there is a lot of cardio but I LOVE moving! I plan to switch this up and cut back to just one day of Zumba and replace it with a HIIT workout or a long sweat session on the StairMaster. I want to focus more on cardio that also builds muscle so more HIIT workouts that include plyometrics. I also plan to add in a total body workout day so that I work all muscle groups on one specific day. I plan to post a before/after picture soon! So stay tuned on this forever fitness journey of mine!