Workout Wednesday

And we're back!

Are you looking for a new program that's proven to help you see results?

Are you looking for something that can be done in about 20 minutes or less?

If you need a new program that's simple and effective you should look into the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge! A new updated 2.0 program just launched on Monday and it's never too late to start a new program. The workouts are simple, upbeat and very effective. She changes up the moves so you will never get bored and it will keep your body guessing.

The workouts are typically 6 days a week...I know that seems like a lot but they are short workouts! You will have strength workouts 3 times a week and cardio workouts the other 3, alternating between the two. This is such a great workout because you get a good mix of both strength and cardio workouts. Your body needs both to effectively lose fat and build muscle.

You can find the official Day 1 video here for the 2.0 Challenge. If you are looking for something new and proven to show results please check out the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. If you are currently in a program at this time no worries. There will be a release of a brand new challenge ~ The Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 3.0 early January 2015. So there's still time to check out this awesome program.