3 things

Now that fall is pretty much here I'm starting to pick up a few warm things for the boys. I'm in love with this style hat. I prefer hats that cover their ears because it can get pretty chilly outside and I want to make sure their warm. This hat comes in different colors so I plan to pick up two!

Pro Fleece trapper hat

I'm beyond obsessed with this mascara! I purchased it over the weekend and have been hooked ever since. I have dead straight eyelashes, yeah there long but who cares if they don't curl. I'm not a big fan of eyelash curlers...I'll be honest, they totally scare me! Maybe, I'm using them wrong but I don't find them useful at ALL!

I had to share a picture of this little guy! :-) It doesn't matter where we go he always has a bunch of stuff to bring with him! Here he has his keys (he's a backseat driver), his milk, his blanket bear and of course his sunglasses. He has to ride in style.

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