Life lately

We've just been enjoying life lately and crossing off things from our Summer list ! Wrapped up our summer vacation last month and have already taken several trips to the Water park.  Aaron completed his swimming lessons for the summer and will be moving on to the next level! So proud of that guy, he has really learned a lot this summer. Depending on how smoothly Kindergarten goes in a few weeks I think I will put him in swimming lessons for the fall. He really loves the water and I want him to be a great swimmer. We have a few more things planned for the summer so I'm really hoping we can do most if not all the things we planned to do this summer.

Just a short recap on life in pictures. 

They had a blast at the local Water park! Aaron is quite the water explorer!

This little guy is hilarious! He's already a character.

Mommy, look at that!
Aaron finished up his first basketball camp and got a medal!
These boys are my heart! I love seeing them play together.
Aaron had to get a mustache straw! I see you Andrew :-)

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

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