Back to School

With school just a few days away I had to do a little back to school shopping for the boys. Most of the things I purchased were for Aaron...I mean he's the only one going starting school.  I love button ups for Aaron because he likes to always look put together. He's such a little man. I also picked up a few graphic tees because this kid is into action! He's all about TMNT, Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk, Superman and let me not forget Batman! He also needed a few pairs of shoes after running down the ones he got earlier this summer. He can go through some shoes...boys will be boys, right?!?!

I've always enjoyed back to school shopping even as a child. My parents would always take us a few weeks before school started so that we could pick out some new gear for the fall/winter season. The night before the first day we would pick out our clothes and would hardly sleep anticipating what the next day would bring.

Aaron is already beyond excited for school and when he found out he was getting a few new things he was almost jumping for joy! He's starting a brand new school and may not know anyone in his class but he is so happy to be going to school! I'm so looking forward to this new chapter as we start to learn new things and build new friendships. Tomorrow we will be going to Kindergarten Orientation and will meet his teacher. I have my camera and phone on standby so be on the lookout for a few pics.

Back to School

Back to School Wear

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