Workout Wednesday

Be Active!

Keep it Moving!!! 

Over the weekend I was on my way to the store when I saw my dad and nephew riding their bikes to the nearby McDonald's (I'm really thankful that my parents only live 5 minutes away). Immediately when I saw them riding their bikes it brought back a bunch of childhood memories! My parents are big advocates for being active and they workout consistently. My dad is an avid runner and has completed two Marine Corps Marathons. As a child we would always go on bike rides and my dad would run along side us.

This brings me to today's post about being active. I try to workout at the very least 3 times a week and to stay active on the days when I don't workout. I think the balance of being healthy is to eat clean foods and to be active. I'm pretty sure that my dad had already worked out at 3-4 days that week but he still made it a point to get out and be active on his rest day. You just need to move! Even on the days when you don't have a intense workout you can still stretch, go for a long walk or a bike ride. Don't limit yourself. When your body needs a rest, take a day or two off but don't limit yourself to being active if you feel good! It's a lifestyle and we have to keep moving in order to make a definite change.

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