Workout Wednesday

I'm back at it!!!

Took a few days off due to vacation and getting settled at home.

I'm in the process of joining a new gym because I want something that has more flexibility.  I went to a few classes last week and man were they intense! I love love love Zumba so that's a given when it comes to classes. However, I recently went to a WERQ class and fell completely in love with the workout.  It's similar to Zumba but it focuses on pop and hip hop opposed to Latin dances. I'm looking forward to my next class so I can rock it!

Once I join the gym I hope to get into a good routine. The gym has a nursery, cycle room, sauna and a variety of machines. I'm ready to hit the ground running! The nursery will make life so much easier since I can drag A&A with me to work out. I will follow up in a few weeks once I've got my routine down.

~ For more information on WERQ and to see if there are classes in your area click here

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