Pack a bag Lunch

Aaron is enrolled in camp for the entire summer. He loves it! They have swimming lessons twice a week, weekly field trips and countless activities to keep them busy. They have field trips every Wednesday to either the zoo, local museum, bowling alley or petting zoo. Since they are gone for more than half the day they ask that you pack a bag lunch for your child. Aaron loves bringing his lunch to school so he looks forward to Wednesdays. 

I try to pack healthy options and include one small treat that Aaron typically picks out himself.  There really isn't too many options when your child has allergies that include milk, eggs, peanuts, and fish but we make the most of it. 

*Options include:

Turkey/Ham Sandwich
Bacon (he loves it)
Popcorn/Veggie straws
Small treat - Oreos, Fruit Roll up,  Fruit Snacks

*What we pack for lunch depends on what we have available at the time. Luckily for us the grocery store is right across the street so we can always stop by for a few things we don't have on hand. 

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