In a few days we are packing up the boys and heading south! This will be our first time flying with the boys. Independently they have both been on an airplane before however they were both around 6 months at the time. I'm excited about our first trip and hoping that things go smoothly.  

I've been researching a few things to make sure we are all set. Below I complied a few must-haves for our trip that I include in my carry on tote.  If you've traveled with children I would love to hear your suggestions for a smooth trip. Thanks!

Travel Items

Travel items

I've learned that when traveling with children to always pack a blanket! Sometimes it gets cold on the plane and they don't always provide each passenger with a blanket so it's nice to bring your own. Now that Aaron is older he enjoys watching movies on my Ipad so I will be packing that along with earphones so he can watch a movie or two. I've also learned to always bring a few snacks especially since Aaron has allergies I try to bring a few things snacks that he enjoys. 


Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole said...

I hope you guys have a great vaca!!

A Taylor said...

Thanks, Alisha! We plan to!