Getting things in order

With two growing boys it always seems like we are constantly buying something.  New clothes, new shoes, new toys, and all the other things in between. The same goes for myself and over the years we have accumulated so many things!

About every three to six months or so I try and go through our closets to see what we can donate. This helps us remove clutter and get rid of unnecessary things. I go through our clothes, shoes and their toys. I try my best to be proactive throughout the year and when I notice that clothes are getting too small we pack them up in our donation bag that way it doesn't get worn again. 

I have Aaron go through his toy box and pick out the things he doesn't play with anymore. He makes sure to put a few things a side that Andrew may want to play with when he gets a little older.
By doing this every few months it really helps us keep things in order. It's so easy to get behind on things and I try to make sure we eliminate things we don't need especially if it takes up a lot of space.  The bigger they get the more I realize they need more room to play and spread out. They also don't need a gazillion toys because most of the time they are only focused on one thing at a time.

My number one go to for keeping things in order are storage bins! Let me tell you these are a lifesaver when you have so much stuff you can't even keep track of stuff. I have a storage bin of some sort in just about every room of my house. It helps me keep things in order and if you are like me then you probably have toys on every level of your house. Well, with storage bins its makes clean up summer quick and easy. I just have the boys put there toys away at the end of the day to tidy up the house before bed. It's a lot easier then making several trips back and forth to their bedroom.

This summer I really want to revamp the house. Not exactly sure what direction I'm going in but I want it to be simple and easy for everyone. I plan to do a few projects around the house. First up ~ the boys' room, Aaron and Andrew share a room and for the most part it works out nicely.  Now that Andrew is getting older (20 months today!) I want to try and make the boys' room a place that is fitting for both of them. I want to arrange it so that they both have a section of the room specifically for their belongings. As I start to work on this I will update about the process and post a few pictures of the final project. Fingers crossed! My goal is to have this completed before school starts.


Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole said...

Ill be doing a major overhaul in my closet this week and will def be piling up on the storage bins!

A Taylor said...

Awesome! I too need to go through my closet. Good Luck!