My Little Baby

Andrew is my littlest guy and he is getting bigger day by day!

I can't believe how much he has grown in the past few months! It's crazy, out of nowhere he's talking now and getting ready for potty training! It's too much too soon and I can't take it! I wish he could stay little forever but I know I'm dreaming!

The other night we were laying on the couch and he said I love you in the sweetest voice! Moments like that make being a mother priceless!

Workout Wednesday

I'm back at it!!!

Took a few days off due to vacation and getting settled at home.

I'm in the process of joining a new gym because I want something that has more flexibility.  I went to a few classes last week and man were they intense! I love love love Zumba so that's a given when it comes to classes. However, I recently went to a WERQ class and fell completely in love with the workout.  It's similar to Zumba but it focuses on pop and hip hop opposed to Latin dances. I'm looking forward to my next class so I can rock it!

Once I join the gym I hope to get into a good routine. The gym has a nursery, cycle room, sauna and a variety of machines. I'm ready to hit the ground running! The nursery will make life so much easier since I can drag A&A with me to work out. I will follow up in a few weeks once I've got my routine down.

~ For more information on WERQ and to see if there are classes in your area click here




It's hard...raising boys...


Okay, so I don't intend for this post to be too emotional but it's the truth. Raising boys can be challenging because you are raising them to be men. You want them to grow up and be strong fearless leaders who at the same time know how to treat a lady. There is so much in general that you have to teach a child. I some times worry if I'm not hard enough or if I'm too hard because I'm raising boys. Everyday is a day to show them what's right and what's wrong. 

I don't consider myself to be a strict authoritative figure but I try to stick to what I say so that they know how that their actions can result in consequences. As the boys get older I will do my best as their mother to be there for them at all times but I will also be the one to correct them and discipline them as I see fit. I've realized over the years that I have to be in control at all times. I have to make the choices and do what I believe is best.  

Some days are tougher than others but I try my best.  At the end of the day, my personal goal for my boys (like most parents) is that they are happy and loved. With that being said I think I'm doing a pretty good job! I love to see their little smiles and hear them laughing and makes my heart so warm! <3

It's not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it myself. ~ Joyce Maynard

Workout Wednesday

Last week I was on vacation with my family and I hardly had any time to fit in a workout. Let's be honest, the last thing I wanted to do on my vacation was workout! However, I managed to sneak in a ton of activity without compromising my vacation. Today I leave you with a few tips opposed to a weekly workout but nonetheless something related to fitness.

Below are a few tips to help you stay on track while on vacation:

Water ~ Drink up! Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay hydrated!

Walk~ We walked EVERYWHERE!!! This is the great thing about traveling someplace new, there is so much to see!

Dance~ Move your body, I think two out of the four days I was able to squeeze in some activity by dancing. Blast your music and move your body!

Shop~ Vacations are always a great excuse to get out and shop. After a few stores you don’t even realize that you’ve been walking all day!

Swim~ We hit the pool 3 out of 4 days we were on vacation and it was so relaxing and tiring at the same time.  Swimming is such a great workout that leaves you exhausted especially you’re out in the sun all day.

After a few days off I thought for sure I had wrecked all the good I had been doing but NOPE! Got on the scale and saw no change! That’s a win for me especially after a few days of eating whatever was in sight! I plan to get back on track today and get back to my workout routine.

Just getting back...

So we are just getting back from our family vacation. All went well, we really had a great time and didn't want to come home. Vacations are really too short, I feel like I need a few extra days off in order to adjust back to our daily routine. So with that being said things may be a little slow over here for the next few days. I promise to get back in the swing of things next week. Hoping this week goes by fast (I'm ready for the weekend).

Mini Session

A few months back (well back in 2013, Sorry!) I set up a mini session for the boys so I could get some updated pictures of them. I looked around and found Michelle on Facebook, she had taken some beautiful maternity pictures of a friend who was expecting.  I knew immediately that i wanted to do a mini session that she was offering at the time.  We set the location for Brenman Park in Alexandria and it was such a great location.  Plenty of room for the boys to run around and to capture a few action shots.

For more of Michelle's work check out her website ~

Here are a few pictures from our mini session.

I absolutely loved how the pictures came out! Michelle does amazing work and you will be very pleased. We actually have another mini session planned in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing how things go our second time around.  Stay tuned for photos from our next session. Thanks again, Michelle!

Workout Wednesday

Squats! Squats! Squats!

This Workout Wednesday I wanted to introduce you to my favorite workout = Squats! I love them! They help lift your lower body and primarily focus on toning your butt. I carry a lot of weight in my lower body so I try to tone this area as much as possible; 3 times a week at the very least.

During my strength training workouts I make sure to include several reps of squats to include pile squats, air squats, and my personal favorite jump squats.  Jump squats are just like regular squats, but you jump off of the ground from the down position rather than just returning to start. Jump Squats are great because they're high intensity and they isolate the quad muscles.

If you are looking for a new workout program I highly recommend the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. I've done several workouts and they are intense! They are a mix of strength training and high intense interval training (HIIT) workouts. She post all her workouts on YouTube and Facebook. Check her out if you want to switch up your current routine! You will not be disappointed.

Getting things in order

With two growing boys it always seems like we are constantly buying something.  New clothes, new shoes, new toys, and all the other things in between. The same goes for myself and over the years we have accumulated so many things!

About every three to six months or so I try and go through our closets to see what we can donate. This helps us remove clutter and get rid of unnecessary things. I go through our clothes, shoes and their toys. I try my best to be proactive throughout the year and when I notice that clothes are getting too small we pack them up in our donation bag that way it doesn't get worn again. 

I have Aaron go through his toy box and pick out the things he doesn't play with anymore. He makes sure to put a few things a side that Andrew may want to play with when he gets a little older.
By doing this every few months it really helps us keep things in order. It's so easy to get behind on things and I try to make sure we eliminate things we don't need especially if it takes up a lot of space.  The bigger they get the more I realize they need more room to play and spread out. They also don't need a gazillion toys because most of the time they are only focused on one thing at a time.

My number one go to for keeping things in order are storage bins! Let me tell you these are a lifesaver when you have so much stuff you can't even keep track of stuff. I have a storage bin of some sort in just about every room of my house. It helps me keep things in order and if you are like me then you probably have toys on every level of your house. Well, with storage bins its makes clean up summer quick and easy. I just have the boys put there toys away at the end of the day to tidy up the house before bed. It's a lot easier then making several trips back and forth to their bedroom.

This summer I really want to revamp the house. Not exactly sure what direction I'm going in but I want it to be simple and easy for everyone. I plan to do a few projects around the house. First up ~ the boys' room, Aaron and Andrew share a room and for the most part it works out nicely.  Now that Andrew is getting older (20 months today!) I want to try and make the boys' room a place that is fitting for both of them. I want to arrange it so that they both have a section of the room specifically for their belongings. As I start to work on this I will update about the process and post a few pictures of the final project. Fingers crossed! My goal is to have this completed before school starts.


In a few days we are packing up the boys and heading south! This will be our first time flying with the boys. Independently they have both been on an airplane before however they were both around 6 months at the time. I'm excited about our first trip and hoping that things go smoothly.  

I've been researching a few things to make sure we are all set. Below I complied a few must-haves for our trip that I include in my carry on tote.  If you've traveled with children I would love to hear your suggestions for a smooth trip. Thanks!

Travel Items

Travel items

I've learned that when traveling with children to always pack a blanket! Sometimes it gets cold on the plane and they don't always provide each passenger with a blanket so it's nice to bring your own. Now that Aaron is older he enjoys watching movies on my Ipad so I will be packing that along with earphones so he can watch a movie or two. I've also learned to always bring a few snacks especially since Aaron has allergies I try to bring a few things snacks that he enjoys. 

Pack a bag Lunch

Aaron is enrolled in camp for the entire summer. He loves it! They have swimming lessons twice a week, weekly field trips and countless activities to keep them busy. They have field trips every Wednesday to either the zoo, local museum, bowling alley or petting zoo. Since they are gone for more than half the day they ask that you pack a bag lunch for your child. Aaron loves bringing his lunch to school so he looks forward to Wednesdays. 

I try to pack healthy options and include one small treat that Aaron typically picks out himself.  There really isn't too many options when your child has allergies that include milk, eggs, peanuts, and fish but we make the most of it. 

*Options include:

Turkey/Ham Sandwich
Bacon (he loves it)
Popcorn/Veggie straws
Small treat - Oreos, Fruit Roll up,  Fruit Snacks

*What we pack for lunch depends on what we have available at the time. Luckily for us the grocery store is right across the street so we can always stop by for a few things we don't have on hand. 

Workout Wednesday

Be Active!

Keep it Moving!!! 

Over the weekend I was on my way to the store when I saw my dad and nephew riding their bikes to the nearby McDonald's (I'm really thankful that my parents only live 5 minutes away). Immediately when I saw them riding their bikes it brought back a bunch of childhood memories! My parents are big advocates for being active and they workout consistently. My dad is an avid runner and has completed two Marine Corps Marathons. As a child we would always go on bike rides and my dad would run along side us.

This brings me to today's post about being active. I try to workout at the very least 3 times a week and to stay active on the days when I don't workout. I think the balance of being healthy is to eat clean foods and to be active. I'm pretty sure that my dad had already worked out at 3-4 days that week but he still made it a point to get out and be active on his rest day. You just need to move! Even on the days when you don't have a intense workout you can still stretch, go for a long walk or a bike ride. Don't limit yourself. When your body needs a rest, take a day or two off but don't limit yourself to being active if you feel good! It's a lifestyle and we have to keep moving in order to make a definite change.

Check us out!

 I finally got a new look! I'm so pleased with my new template. If you are looking to make some changes or need some graphic design work please check out Rekita Nicole Design Studios! She does amazing work and you will be very pleased!  


Happy 4th of July!!!

Hope you all are enjoying this lovely holiday with your friends and family.

Workout Wednesday

I thought it would be nice to incorporate a workout every Wednesday. I may not give a complete workout every week but I will give you an update on my workout goals for the week.  I enjoy working out and love to mix up my workouts because I tend to get bored when I'm doing the same thing repeatedly.

Today's workout is pretty simple but also intense and it can be done in less than 30 minutes! Patrick introduced me to this quick workout.  He's my workout buddy when he's in the fitness zone. We've done this a handful of times and it never fails because its not too complicated but it makes us work!

The workout:

50 Jumping Jacks
50 Jump ropes
25 Crunches
20 Push ups
30 Squats
10 Burpees
15 Pull ups or Tricep dips
1 minute plank
*1 minute side planks (1 minute per side)

Rest for 1 minute and then REPEAT!!! After you've done this a few times you can either increase the reps for each exercise or repeat it an additional time for a total of 3 rounds! Good luck! I can guarantee if you do this workout daily or 3/4 times a week and couple it with clean eating you will see a significant change.

*This exercise is optional. Patrick and I added this to work the entire core. I guess you could say we're overachievers! ;-)

Boys Summer Wear

Boys Summer Wear

Boys Summer Wear

I love boys summer wear! It's so simple and cool and requires little to no effort. Just pull on some shorts and put on a tank or shirt and call it a day! No fuss just clothes! I pretty sure they love it just as much as I do because they don't have to put on layers of clothing. 

I found a few summer outfits that the boys currently and/or will be wearing this summer. I try to buy items that are versatile so that we can mix and match them throughout the summer. This also helps for the times when Aaron wants to dress himself. He is pretty good with matching pieces together but when there are so many options he can never go wrong. 

I tend to buy things from different stores just to mix up their wardrobe. I shop at Carter's, Children's Place, Kohl's, H&M, and TJ Maxx. I'm a bargain shopper so I try to find places that offer countless discounts but also have a huge variety. I would love to hear about other stores where I can find great prices and different styles. Thanks!