We drink a lot of....MILK!

Milk is one hot commodity in our house! It seems like we can never buy enough and we are always running out!!! I'm pretty sure this is a common factor in all households with growing kids but its a little different in our home because well....we don't drink cow's milk! Both Aaron and Andrew drink Hemp milk, vanilla to be exact. 

I found out early on that Aaron was allergic to cow's milk and for a while he was drinking soy milk. He loved soy milk but his pediatrician recommended that I try goat or hemp because it had more fat and vitamin D then soy. So we made the switch and to my surprise he loved it.  

I thought for sure Andrew would have zero issues with cow's milk because he didn't have the same problems that Aaron had as a baby. No vomiting, and no hives but unfortunately when I started introducing milk shortly after his 1st birthday he had issues. It wasn't working well with his stomach and he was extremely cranky which isn't like him. I spoke to his doctor and she said to try hemp!  I'm thankful that both of them like the vanilla flavored hemp milk and that we have zero issues but let me tell you, is it expensive! It's roughly $4.89 for a 12 oz box!  

We go through one box a day. Lucky for us the grocery store across the street sells it but they are always running out. Partially because I'm buying 5 or 6 boxes each time I stop buy. I feel bad when I take the very last box because there maybe another family in dying need of hemp milk. Good thing they sell chocolate and original however, Andrew will only drink vanilla. I don't blame him, vanilla is hands down the best out of the three. 

I've asked several times if we could order a box but still haven't received a call back from the manager so now I've resorted to the Internet!  Not sure why I didn't think of it before but I found a place online that sells it by the case and it's $3.50 a box plus free shipping!  You can't beat that deal! Hopefully all goes well with this shipment so that we can have it automatically shipped each month. It will save us the hassle of having to run to the store only to find out they only have chocolate in stock.

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