About a month ago Aaron met with a new Gastroenterologist about his allergies and EE.  Back in 2011 I found out that Aaron was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE). For more about EE and Aaron's story read here. After several appointments with specialists I decided to take a break from everything and let Aaron be a kid! He had 3 endoscopes, endless allergy testing, and a variety of medication to try and clear up his EE. Since EE is relatively new it was like Aaron was a guinea pig and they just wanted to run test after test. Well after several good and bad attempts I threw in the towel! The last straw was after they suggested Aaron go on an elimination diet. Which basically means he can't eat anything! Well he's already allergic to cow's milk, eggs, fish, and peanuts what more could they take away from his diet. Well now they wanted to omit soy, wheat, green beans, oranges and tons of other things! I couldn't take it anymore! I didn't want to restrict him of the things he wasn't allergic to. Plus, he was doing so well with the medication. 

Aaron has come such a long way! He use to throw up at the very minimum once a day but that has since changed. He rarely vomits unless something doesn't settle well with his stomach. We've really figured out what works best for him and he knows what he can and cannot eat. We've had a few hiccups along the way but  over the past few years I think we've really mellowed his condition. 

With Kindergarten approaching I new that it would only be right to take Aaron back to the Gastroenterologist and allergist to get an update on his condition. However, this time I decided we were not going back to a place that would be running test after test on my child. I set up an appointment with a new doctor in a different practice and he was great! I only have good things to say about him. I had all the health records from Aaron's previous doctors sent to his new doctor and he was floored at how much Aaron had improved (weight and height) since the last few years. He was very patient with Aaron and assured me that Aaron wouldn't be a test patient. He did state that EE is still early in its research stages but that they are seeing a lot more children with varying symptoms so its helpful to see what has been working for others. 

We were instructed to take an acid reflux medicine for 2 months to eliminate all of the acid in Aaron's stomach so that they could perform an endoscopy.  An endoscopy is the only way to validate whether there are white blood cells present in Aaron's esophagus. After his endoscopy the doctor will have a better idea of how to treat Aaron. I will keep you posted on the results, his endoscopy is scheduled for this summer.

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