Summer list

I want to do so much with the boys this summer! We had a pretty bad winter (too many snow days to count) so I really want to take advantage of the summer months. I put together a short list of things I want to accomplish this summer.

1. Summer Vacation ~ We already have a family vacation planned for next month. Really looking forward to a few days to relax and enjoy the family.  

2. The Beach ~ This is a must, the last time we went to the beach Andrew was around 7 months so we are long overdue.  

3. Swimming Lessons ~  I think its very important that the boys are comfortable in the water.  

4. Day Trips ~ Short trips that require less than 3 hours of driving but give us ample time to explore different areas.  

5. Water park ~  There are a few water parks near our house so hopefully we can hit up a few before the summer ends. 

6. Outdoor Movie ~ I think the boys would love to watch a movie outdoors! I'm going to look into this to see if I can find something a local event.

7. Kings Dominion ~ I love roller coasters!! They are so much fun! Aaron has been to KD a few times and always has a good time. I'm hoping that he's can ride more rides this year now that he's a little taller.

8. DIY Projects ~ I've seen so many DIY arts and crafts that seem relatively easy so hoping to try out a few that I saw on Pinterest.

9. Ice cream ~ There are so  many new ice cream/frozen yogurt shops opening up in our area and I'm anxious to know if they offer any dairy free options. If not, we will test out a variety of Popsicles!

10. Sports ~ Now that Aaron is older I've been trying to get him accumulated with different sports. We tried soccer a few months ago and really enjoyed it. This month he's doing basketball and next up T-ball!

11. Museums/Aquariums ~ The best way to beat the heat and have fun learning new things is to check out the Museums! There are so many and I would love to explore them with the boys. We had a lot of fun at the Aquarium last summer and are look forward to going back.

12. Bike Rides ~ Now that summer is finally here I really want Aaron to ride his bike! The training wheels are off so it's been a challenge but I think he can do it if we are consistent.  Practice makes perfect!

13. Nature Walks/Outdoor Activities ~  I like walking with the boys and getting them outside to be active. There are a few trails by our house so I'm hoping to put Andrew in his stroller and explore the outdoors.

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