We're Back!!!

Finally!!! After taking a long hiatus from the blogging world we are back. I would like to thank the Ladies of 30 before 30 for inspiring me to get back on the blogging horse and start back up again. I've made this one of the 30 things I hope to accomplish before I turn 30! I really enjoyed being a active blogger a few months...years ago but due to a heavy schedule I've had zero free time! Please check out the Ladies of 30 before 30 to find more about my list and 10 other Ladies that also have made the commitment of 30 before 30.

Now less about that and more about the star of the show....AARON! A LOT has happened in this lil guy's life! For starters he is no longer little! He's now 4 YEARS OLD!!! I can hardly believe it...seems like yesterday he was just calling me Momma :-(  I'm also very excited to announce that Aaron is now a BIG brother! One of the many contributing factors to my hiatus. We welcomed Andrew into this world on November 15, 2012 (more to come in a future post). Since the last posting we've welcomed a new addition into our family, had our first school field trip, and celebrated a ton of  holidays and birthdays. So we have lots to share. Stay tuned for what's happening more recently with Aaron.

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