My Andrew

I remember the first time Aaron saw his baby brother he seemed to be in complete bliss. I'm sure a million thoughts were running through that little mind of his. He walked into the hospital room and slowly walked over to the bed and said, "Mommy, the baby is not in your belly anymore?" He then looked over at Andrew and had the biggest smile on his face!!! "My Andrew!" He arrived in the evening so he was a little VERY tired from a long day. He didn't want to leave after seeing him but it was already late and he needed to get ready for bed. My mom was extremely helpful and offered to look after Aaron for a few days so that we could come home with Andrew and get all settled.

Aaron was so happy to return home and to enjoy some quiet time with his baby brother. He would tell me repeatedly, "I love Andrew so much, Mommy!" His love for Andrew was just like mine, INSTANT! I had no idea that Aaron would have an abundant amount of love for his brother. When I was pregnant I prayed that they would have an unbreakable bond and that Aaron would be a great role model for his baby brother. I tried my best to prepare Aaron for what would come and how things would change when Andrew arrived. I expected to have a few rough patches along the way but was relatively surprised and how easily Aaron took to Andrew. We do our best to involve Aaron in all activities with Andrew so that he feels included. I also make it a point to spend quality alone time with Aaron and Andrew so that they both get that independent "Mommy" time. Although its difficult at times, I try to stick to the routine that I had before Andrew was born to make it stable for Aaron.

Proud big brother

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