3yr Well Visit...ALL SMILES :-)

Aaron and I took a trip to visit his Pediatrician a few weeks ago for his 3 year old well visit. I was anxious to see how much my lil boy has grown since last year. I was SHOCKED!!! My lil munchkin had gained 8lbs!! I know that doesn't seem like A LOT! But did I mention he was a lil munchkin! :-) He also grew 4 1/2 inches!! And I believe he is still growing as I type this. All he wants to do is eat and sleep!! His Pediatrician was happy with his growth progression especially because he is now showing some solid results on the growth chart.

They checked his eyesight and that didn't go as planned. It was his first time doing a vision exam and he participated for all of 5 minutes. Overall, he doesn't seem to have any eyesight problem but the Pediatrician informed me that they would take a further look at his eyes when he turns 4 unless I see a reason to do so before then. He is scheduled for his 1st Dentist appointment next week! EEK!!! I think I'm more nervous for him then he may be for himself!! I"m crossing my fingers that everything goes well at that appointment but I will keep you posted!

The best thing about the 3 year old well visit...NO IMMUNIZATIONS!!! YES!!! We left the Pediatrician's Office with no tears and a sticker! It was a good visit :-)

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