He had a loooonnnnngggg day....

He was one tired lil boy!

That's my lil one in the middle with the big YAWN!!!

My poor baby was sooooo exhausted after his school's Christmas play! I took this picture literally 10 minutes after we left his school and put him in the car seat!  I don't blame him because he ROCKED it!!! All the children in his class were dressed in matching red turtlenecks and looked adorable!!! His classroom (K2) walked across the stage and my lil pumpkin was CENTER STAGE :-)  He had the biggest smile on his face!!! They performed "Jingle Bells" and let me tell you, AARON was leading his class!!! Was the ONLY one singing and dancing!!! I was one PROUD MOMMA!!! He did such a GREAT job!!! My lil pumpkin is no longer a lil baby!!!! Especially now that he has pretty much accomplished potty training!!!! I can't believe how time has flown by soooo FAST!!!!! It's scary!!!! He's about to be 3 and then next thing you know he will be turning 10!!! OMG!!!!

Slow down.............................PLEASE!!!!

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