What are you thankful for?

Last week Aaron had a homework assignment and he had to write down (well I had to write down) what he was thankful for. All the kids were given a turkey feather and at the end of the school week they glued them all together. They called it their "Thankful Turkey." In order to complete the project I sat Aaron down and asked him what he was thankful for, who he loved, and what made him happy. His response was, "My Mommy, My Daddy, My Juju (his cousin Julian), My Nana, Granny, My Noelle,  Papa, My Patrich, Jazmin, My Kim, Aun Theres (Aunt Theresa), Kendall and Avis, and wait my friends too ~ Brianna, Alec (Alex), Zhane', and Lisa." He also included things such as his vitamins, the vacuum cleaner and his trains. After I wrote down everyone and everything he mentioned, he asked me, "How Mommy happy?" And I told him that I'm happy because I get to see his cute lil face EVERYDAY!!! Everyday I make it a point to remind him how much I love him and that we are blessed to be happy & healthy. Life is good! God Bless <3

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