In 3 months...

In 3 months, my lil BIG boy will be 3 YEARS OLD!!! It really is unbelievable! It seems just like yesterday he was too little to crawl and then he was walking and now he is talking!!! It brings tears to my eyes when I see how much he has grown! He is learning so much at school and is doing very well! I got his FIRST official preschool report card! I didn't even know they had report cards in preschool! But he is doing GREAT!We have a few things to work on but I'm sure we will have conquered those things before the next quarter! I just can't believe how time flies...he will be 3 then next thing you know I will be waiting for him at the bus stop :-( Ohhh my goodness!!! Crazy! I love my lil pumpkin so much!!!

~my lil lil pumpkin~

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