I think its time...

Time to go back to school that is... So I've always wanted to get my MBA but I got pregnant and that put school on the back burner for a while. But I really think I'm ready now. I figure I might as well start now so that I can be finished before Aaron starts school. I know its going to be a challenge especially since I'm not the BEST when it comes to time management. As with everything there's going to be some give and some take, and well... I want to better myself for the future! So now is the time!!! Time to get this graduate program in gear! Ready..set...GO!!!! So I'm going to start the research and if not by Spring then Summer 2012 I will be enrolled. I'm looking forward to this journey :-) School is definitely a challenge but its also very empowering! ~ Knowledge is POWER! ~


Don't forget that your education benefits the whole family. For starters, you're a role model: Just by watching you, a child as young as 5 can learn the value of concentrating on a problem. Melissa Berger, of North Hollywood, CA  -- a full-time analyst with an insurance company; a senior at California State University, Dominguez Hills, getting her B.A. in interdisciplinary studies and comparative literature; and the mother of 5-year-old Joseph  -- loves school. "College has made me open to new ideas, kept me intellectually stimulated, and made me upwardly mobile," she says. "And that's all great for my family."

Read the entire article here ~ http://www.parenting.com/article/returning-to-school-the-balancing-act 

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It time alright! Let's get this done!