Follow Up

So I know I'm very late with the update but turns out that Aaron is doing MUCH better!!! We won't know officially until his biopsy come back but the Doctor said from the looks of everything (esophagus and stomach) that things are looking up!! He said to continue doing what we've been doing! I'm so relieved! God is good, and YES, all the time! <3 The results of his biopsy will come back in about 2 weeks so I'm hoping there are some visible improvements. Aaron did fairly well during his endoscopy, he started to get a lil angry right before they put him under. I don't blame him, he was HUNGRY!!! You are required to fast for several hours prior to your appointment  and his wasn't scheduled until 11:15am, so that last time he ate was at 6:00pm. I wish they would change the requirements but they get a more accurate evaluation if the stomach is empty.

The picture below is from the night of his appointment. He had to have an impedance put in his nose for 24 hours. Which I must say was somewhat of a challenge but as always we prevailed! He had to wear arm braces so that he couldn't bend his arms to try and pull it out. This was a hassle because my poor baby couldn't feed himself. And he looked so hopeless, I almost started to cry when I saw the tube coming from his nose :-( but it didn't seem to bother him too much. The morning following his endoscopy/impedance we went to the Hospital for the removal and he was SOOOOO EXCITED for them to pull that tube out!! He's exact words were, "All better now, Mommy!" I don't know if he was more excited at the fact that he could feed himself or that he could play with his Lego blocks without being restricted :-) So thankful that everything went well and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the biopsy. Slowly but surely things are looking up and we couldn't be more than happier! They say children with food allergies often grow out of them, well I've got my fingers crossed! Oh, BTW Happy Friday :-)

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