And the verdict is....

So yesterday, Aaron and I had a follow up appointment with his GI Doctor and Nutritionist. They both were very pleased at the progress Aaron is making, he has gained 3.5 lbs and has grown 3 inches!! GO AARON!!! I couldn't believe the results!!! I think my BIG smile said it all :-) Anyways, aside from is steady progress the biopsy results were not in his favor. Can good news ever be followed by good news??!! Even while adhering to a strict diet, Aaron's biopsy still showed that several cells were still present in his esophagus and stomach. Based on the biopsy results his GI Doctor is recommending treatment. The treatment is a steroid and he is required to take it 2x a day (preferably morning and night). The good thing about the treatment is that if it works properly or I should say as expected then Aaron will no longer have to remain on a strict diet. HALLELUJAH!!!! But on the flipside, he would have to take this steriod for a long period of time...we're talking years and years. So my thoughts about this treatment we're scattered, I didn't know if it was worth praising or fearing! But after futher thought we are going to give it a shot, truth is what do we have to lose at this point. Once we get into a routine, I'm sure it wont be that bad at all.

 ~ Things ALWAYS work out :-) ~

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