Its been another long week!!! Phew!!! So glad its finally over, I'm exhausted! So much has happened its insane!!! Aaron and I are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS on the go or in a rush! We spend so much time in the car and are always rushing in or out. Well mid-week we had a MAJOR crisis! And I was totally freakin' out!! To keep a long story short, my lil pumpkin slammed his pinkie finger in the door!!! To be honest, not even sure how it happened!!! He was walking slightly in front of me as we left the school and his hand must of been partially on the door when it closed (this is my best guess) and he was saying, "Open the door." I didn't understand what he was talking about or why we needed to open the door so I looked closer and realized his little pinkie was stuck between two massive doors!!! AHHHH!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I pulled the door open slowly and his finger slid out looking like a flat pancake. He was in soooo much paid, he's experienced so many things and this was a cry that I have NEVER heard before! I almost started to cry too! :-( But I knew that if I did it would only make things worse! "Ouch, ouch, ouch was all he was saying!" We grabbed a bite to eat and he let me put a cold towel on it to help with the swelling. That night he slept a particular way so that his pinkie wouldn't hurt. But after a few days it seems to be like "new" again! He hasn't complained about his pinkie at all! However, he likes the idea of wearing a band aid on his finger!

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