My Lil Helper

I've been fortunate enough to be blessed with a child that ENJOYS cleaning!!! To be honest, I think Aaron has a slight obsession, yep OBSESSION with vacuums and brooms! As a matter of fact, at his current Daycare/Preschool they had to purchase a small dirt devil for Aaron because of his obsession with the vacuum cleaner. So while they vacuum he runs behind them with his lil mini vacuum cleaner! :-) I guess he gets it from his Momma! My mom told me that when I was Aaron's age I would clean all the time, she didn't like taking me to other people's house because I would always try and clean up! Hey, having a clean house isn't a bad thing! LOL! I just hope he doesn't grow out of this habit! I love that he's always willing to help me clean up. It makes me laugh when he sings the clean up song while he puts all his toys away. He's too cute :-) Enjoy the long weekend! I know I will...even though I have to work :-/ Gotta make the best out of it!

There he goes!

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