Its been a short/long week....but Why?

Its been a SHORT but LOOOONNNNGGG week! Oh my goodness! Kids went back to school on Tuesday and Mr. Aaron started his first week of Preschool! Awww, I'm so PROUD of my lil guy! He's required to wear a uniform now that he is in Preschool and he put on his shirt and pants and said "I'm BIG!" Lately, he has been questioning EVERYTHING & ANYTHING!!! Why? Why? Why? "Mommy, where are we going?" My response, "to school." He replies, "but Why?" And its even funnier that he uses hand gestures along with it! He is something else! He definitely keeps me on my toes!!!

Aaron with his favorite Monkey "George"

I got Aaron this monkey when we stayed in the hospital back in November 2010. He got really sick after he had his 1st endoscopy. He loved it back then and he still loves him! He has to take him EVERYWHERE!!! Since he's going to preschool now I told him that the monkey is going to have to stay at home. "But, why??" "Why, Mommy? I'ma miss him!" he said. Oh the joys of growing up! When I was younger I remember having several toys/dolls that I HAD to have with me 24/7. One in particular was Bitty Baby!! I loved that doll!!! She smelled just like a new baby!! :-)

Me & Aaron at the Hospital back in Nov 2010 <3

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