Got Milk?

Got Milk? Since Aaron is allergic to cow's milk, he's been drinking soy milk (SILK Vanilla) for almost 1 year now. And he loves it, can't seem to get enough. "Momma Mommy, Milk!" "Milk, please!!!" Is what I hear 30x a day! Well, little did we both know that we would be switching to a milk supplement!? After Aaron was diagnosed with EE we met with a Nutritionist who informed us that the best possible way to decrease the amount of mucus in his throat and to ensure that the vomiting ceased would be to put Aaron on an elimination diet. What?!! An elimination diet? Seriously!! He's allergic to cow's milk, eggs, peanuts, and fish, he is already on an elimination diet!!! UGH!! So she proceeded to tell me that in addition to the food that he is already allergic to that he should avoid eating the follow: wheat, soy, and green beans. Don't ask me why green beans are on the list but they are! LOL! He had several allergy tests prior to meeting with the Nutritionist which included a prick test and a skin patch test. So if it caused any type of rash/skin reaction then it was crossed off the list! Immediately after she told me the foods that would be eliminated I panicked! SOY!! Aaron drinks soy milk EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! What am I going to feed him!!!???? The Nutritionist reassured me that although his diet will be very strict it can be done, she said that she would provide me with all the information and resources I needed so that Aaron would have a healthy diet. The first thing we discussed were his milk substitutes, she told me that he could drink Oat, Rice, and Hemp Milk. I was familiar with Rice milk because I had tried to give that to Aaron when he was younger but that was no good. She suggested I try Hemp Milk…yep, Hemp Milk! Hemp milk is a GREAT milk alternative for those that cannot tolerate cow's milk! So I gradually switched Aaron over to Hemp Milk, and he loves it! It is available in Original, Vanilla, and Chocolate flavors. Of course Vanilla is his favorite :-)  Our brand of choice is below!

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