Bath time = Play time

Aaron and I have a pretty good evening routine. I pick him up from the daycare, we drive home he has an after school snack and then we usually 1) go to the park or watch a little TV and play with toys while I make dinner or 2) hit the gym...well I hit the gym and Aaron hangs out in the Kids zone while I sweat it out LOL! Anyway, no matter how hard he plays during the day he for some reason (I'm sure all children think this) believes that Bath time = Play time! But what it really means is Bath time + Bubbles + Toys = Wet Mommy!!  No matter how his day ends up he enjoys his bath time minus the part when I wash his hair and he gets water in his eyes for nearly 5.2 seconds! Its funny how when we go to the pool he's the first to dunk his head under water but in the bath tub its a totally different scenario...soapy water :-(
my lil bath monster

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