Yeah for MOMMY!!

I have always been referred to as Momma! Not really sure where Aaron gets it from (he's got a country accent) but he prefers to call me that. So everyday all day I'm Momma! But lately  he's been calling me Mommy! I think mainly because everyone else...especially the kids at his daycare refer to me as Mommy..."Aaron, your Mommy is here!" Is what they say when they see me at the door coming to pick him up. However, when he is sleepy he always reverts back to MOMMA!!! He just loves to say it! But this morning, I walked in his room and turned on the light and he sat up smiling and said Momma Mommy! Good Morning!! My smile was so BIG!!! :-) And to top it off, he stayed dry the whole night and went potty this morning all by himself! GO AARON!!! He says, "I'm Big, I'm a big boy!!" And Yes he is!!! My lil BIG boy! <3 <3 <3

Baby face

Funny face

Thinking face

Happy Face :-)

We try to make the best of our car rides! This morning before we took off we thought it would be a good idea to have a mini photo shoot! He makes so many silly faces, I was lucky enough to catch them with the camera on my phone!

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Chgo Cow Girl said...

Great pictures. The "Thinking Face" is my favorite.