Thank You!

So its been exactly 1 year since Aaron started in the Early Intervention Program. His Pediatrician had recommended we contact them to see if Aaron would be eligible for services due to his eating/vomiting issues. Let me be honest, when the Doctor recommended this I was like how are they going to help us! I had no idea that Aaron's problems with eating could delay his speech and several other things. After my initial consultation with Sue, she is GREAT! I was excited that Aaron would have the chance to get help! When we first started the program the main goal was to improve Aaron's eating development. He did not like to eat foods with different textures, and he was not accustomed to using utensils. So we started meeting biweekly with Corrine (our Therapist) and she would work with Aaron on chewing different textures (in order to help him gain weight), and she also helped him develop his fine motor skills so that he could properly use a spoon and fork. And with the help of our GI specialist we were able to pin point the main problem with his vomiting (EE) so at the 6 month evaluation his eating habits/development had improved SIGNIFICANTLY!!! His vomiting was completely nonexistent at that point and he had started using a spoon and fork regularly at meal times. At the 6 month mark we meet again with Sue and Corrine to re-evaluate our main concern and any potential concerns. During this meeting we also set new goals and milestones for Aaron. The main goal this time was that he start to express himself more and start to use 2-3 work phrases. Well today we had our 1 year assessment/evaluation, and Aaron has surpassed all his goals and milestones!! GO AARON!!!! He's come such a long way, my lil baby is getting so BIG and he's SO SMART!!! Needless to say, since Aaron has achieved all his goals he is no longer eligible for the Early Intervention Program. Its truly bittersweet, because Corrine and Sue have helped us so much and I am so appreciative that we had the opportunity to work with them! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sue reminded me that without his Momma Mommy none of this could have been possible, so I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back! :-) But I am still giving them a lot of the credit because they provided me with the resources and knowledge to help Aaron! I'm gonna post some before and after pictures of Aaron so you can really see the changes in his body weight and overall growth! He has come such a long way!!!

You can see a big change!! He has gained weight and is no longer failing to thrive! I'm so thankful and I thank God for helping us get through this battle! My friends and family have also been such a great support system! And they too are witnesses to Aaron's transformation! I know its not over but everyday is a blessing! The picture to the left was early last year right after Aaron had his first endoscopy. The picture below is a recent picture taken at swimming lesson.

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