After the minor earthquake yesterday (Crazy I know but Yes, it really did happen and blessed that everyone is safe!), I've been thinking. Well truth is I NEVER stop thinking, I'm a Pisces and we are very imaginative people! So my mind is always thinking of new/creative/crazy/thrifty ideas. Anyways! My ultimate goal is to be successful! And Although I'm very blessed, being successful is a never ending goal that I strive for everyday. I thank god for my beautiful son, my supporting friends and family, my career, and my home. There are SO MANY things that I want to accomplish in my life and that I want to experience not only for myself but also for Aaron. This morning on my way to work I realized that I want to do so much, I want to make the world a better place, I want to be a better person BUT if I don't ACT on it what does it matter. I must take ACTION in order to be successful, in order to achieve all the goals that I seek out! So I found these 7 Tips for Success that I think will be very helpful in my never ending strive for success. I hope you find them useful too! So start today and TAKE SOME ACTION! :-)

Here are 7 Tips for Success
  1. Take care of things right away.
"The trick is to step over nothing. Get in the habit of addressing everything that bothers you on the spot or as soon as is possible and appropriate afterward. Don’t ignore the little stuff. If you do, it will build up and you'll blow up."~ Talane Miedaner
"Take care of small problems before they become big problems."~ Dr. Dyer
  1. Perfect the present.
If you feel something is lacking, for example, you're saying to yourself, "I don't have enough money, enough time, etc., then there is "something imperfect about your present situation." Learn whatever it is you need to learn. Whether it's time management, prioritizing, or learning how to handle money, there is a lesson to be had when you feel your present isn't perfect.
  1. Eliminate the "Shoulds."
What are the "shoulds." The "shoulds" are those things that we say we should do, but don't really want to do. I should eat better, I should lose weight, I should make more money, and so on.
This tip involves taking all those things you think you "should" do and writing them down on a list. Either do it or get rid of it! No need to write them down if you are not going to take any action.
  1. Eliminate annoyances.
This is a big one for me, and I need to get better at it. Of all of the 7 tips for success listed here, this one and number one, taking care of things right away, are perhaps the hardest, and maybe the most important.
Many of us were taught to be polite, and accept what our circumstances were without complaining. While there is wisdom in that teaching, especially when you're a child, there comes a point as an adult when you should no longer accept less than the best for yourself. Unfortunately, that conditioning from youth sometimes takes over, and politeness wins out at our expense.
It's similar to the take care small problems before they become big problems idea in that if you allow something to go on, you're giving permission to others to treat you in a way that you don't deserve. Unfortunately, this applies to yourself too in that if you are tolerating your own bad habits (a messy desk, a messy house, nail biting, and so on), you're treating yourself badly.
“Everything you are tolerating drains your energy, makes you irritable, and wears you down." ~ Talane Miedaner
  1. Create 10 Daily Habits.
Choose 10 things to do daily that you can create habits around. The idea here is to pick things that inspire you, not things you "should" do. Choose things that juice you up and replace any old bad habits with these instead.
  1. Get your work done in half the time.
Ever notice how you can manage to wait until just hours before a deadline to get something done, and then bam, it's finished in time? This tip involves trying to use that same principle to "beat the clock" and get your work done in half the time. But, instead of waiting until the last minute, start right away. Then, use the remaining time to treat yourself to something pleasurable, or work on personal goals or your part-time business.
  1. Stop chasing success.
Of all of the 7 tips for success I've listed here, this one is probably the hardest to get a handle on. Most experts tell you to write down your goals. Instead, she says to throw away your to-do list, and even throw away your goals.
"It is impossible to go with the flow if you are run by your list of goals." ~Talane Miedaner
The less you chase success, the more likely it is to come your way. (Totally Agree with this one – I may be an avid dreamer but I DO NOT chase dreams…patient is really a virtue)
  1. Just do it... NOW!
This tip is very obviously number 8! I couldn't help but throw this in there since I was on a roll. This is the anti-procrastination mantra... do it now. Don't put things off. I have a hard time with this one too, and I'm sure you know others who do as well. Anything you put off today is just something you'll have to take care of later. It's much more efficient to take care of it now.

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