Its been a pretty tough week! And even though I've managed to get in my weekly workouts I've still been kinda under the weather. Let's be honest, raising a 2 year old boy isn't a walk in the park especially if you are doing it solo! But I enjoy every minute of it even on the days when I can hardly keep my eyes open. I am blessed to have a GREAT support system; my family and friends are a HUGE part of Aaron's life and I don't know what I would do without them! They keep me sane! Although Aaron's father and I are no longer together he is very much involved in Aaron's everyday life. Its blatantly  clear that we both love and want the best for Aaron but at times we tend to disagree rather than agree on how to raise our son. This is when I call on my inner strength, I am not one to argue matter of fact I HATE TO ARGUE!!! I'm that person that balls everything inside in order to save the situation, and decides its just better to forget about it then to discuss it. I know this is a very VERY bad thing, but I've done it almost all my life! I've been s-l-o-w-l-y trying to change this bad habit of mine. I have started speaking my mind and as it turns out I have a LOT to say! LOL! :-)

As Aaron gets older I'm sure I will continue to have more debates with his father but at the end of the day its not about finding a common ground its about what's BEST for Aaron. And frankly, I know what's right and what's best for my son! So I am going to walk TALL, and speak my MIND because I am STRONG! LOL! Okay so I'm joking. But in all honesty, I want Aaron to continue to be happy, but also healthy and smart! Some days seem heavier than others but I know God wouldn't give me anything that I couldn't handle! I can do this, some days I feel weak but I know I am strong! I can do anything that I set out to do!

Today, someone reminded me that I know what's right for my son and that I should act on it. I can't expect people to change their ways if I don't point out what's wrong in a situation. He also reminded me that I don't have to feel sorry or bad about the outcome of expressing my concerns regarding my child. Thank you! And thank you for always having my back! I know that I am strong, and I know that I am doing what's best for my child. "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matt. 19:26).

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