Thank You!

So its been exactly 1 year since Aaron started in the Early Intervention Program. His Pediatrician had recommended we contact them to see if Aaron would be eligible for services due to his eating/vomiting issues. Let me be honest, when the Doctor recommended this I was like how are they going to help us! I had no idea that Aaron's problems with eating could delay his speech and several other things. After my initial consultation with Sue, she is GREAT! I was excited that Aaron would have the chance to get help! When we first started the program the main goal was to improve Aaron's eating development. He did not like to eat foods with different textures, and he was not accustomed to using utensils. So we started meeting biweekly with Corrine (our Therapist) and she would work with Aaron on chewing different textures (in order to help him gain weight), and she also helped him develop his fine motor skills so that he could properly use a spoon and fork. And with the help of our GI specialist we were able to pin point the main problem with his vomiting (EE) so at the 6 month evaluation his eating habits/development had improved SIGNIFICANTLY!!! His vomiting was completely nonexistent at that point and he had started using a spoon and fork regularly at meal times. At the 6 month mark we meet again with Sue and Corrine to re-evaluate our main concern and any potential concerns. During this meeting we also set new goals and milestones for Aaron. The main goal this time was that he start to express himself more and start to use 2-3 work phrases. Well today we had our 1 year assessment/evaluation, and Aaron has surpassed all his goals and milestones!! GO AARON!!!! He's come such a long way, my lil baby is getting so BIG and he's SO SMART!!! Needless to say, since Aaron has achieved all his goals he is no longer eligible for the Early Intervention Program. Its truly bittersweet, because Corrine and Sue have helped us so much and I am so appreciative that we had the opportunity to work with them! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sue reminded me that without his Momma Mommy none of this could have been possible, so I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back! :-) But I am still giving them a lot of the credit because they provided me with the resources and knowledge to help Aaron! I'm gonna post some before and after pictures of Aaron so you can really see the changes in his body weight and overall growth! He has come such a long way!!!

You can see a big change!! He has gained weight and is no longer failing to thrive! I'm so thankful and I thank God for helping us get through this battle! My friends and family have also been such a great support system! And they too are witnesses to Aaron's transformation! I know its not over but everyday is a blessing! The picture to the left was early last year right after Aaron had his first endoscopy. The picture below is a recent picture taken at swimming lesson.

Yeah for MOMMY!!

I have always been referred to as Momma! Not really sure where Aaron gets it from (he's got a country accent) but he prefers to call me that. So everyday all day I'm Momma! But lately  he's been calling me Mommy! I think mainly because everyone else...especially the kids at his daycare refer to me as Mommy..."Aaron, your Mommy is here!" Is what they say when they see me at the door coming to pick him up. However, when he is sleepy he always reverts back to MOMMA!!! He just loves to say it! But this morning, I walked in his room and turned on the light and he sat up smiling and said Momma Mommy! Good Morning!! My smile was so BIG!!! :-) And to top it off, he stayed dry the whole night and went potty this morning all by himself! GO AARON!!! He says, "I'm Big, I'm a big boy!!" And Yes he is!!! My lil BIG boy! <3 <3 <3

Baby face

Funny face

Thinking face

Happy Face :-)

We try to make the best of our car rides! This morning before we took off we thought it would be a good idea to have a mini photo shoot! He makes so many silly faces, I was lucky enough to catch them with the camera on my phone!


After the minor earthquake yesterday (Crazy I know but Yes, it really did happen and blessed that everyone is safe!), I've been thinking. Well truth is I NEVER stop thinking, I'm a Pisces and we are very imaginative people! So my mind is always thinking of new/creative/crazy/thrifty ideas. Anyways! My ultimate goal is to be successful! And Although I'm very blessed, being successful is a never ending goal that I strive for everyday. I thank god for my beautiful son, my supporting friends and family, my career, and my home. There are SO MANY things that I want to accomplish in my life and that I want to experience not only for myself but also for Aaron. This morning on my way to work I realized that I want to do so much, I want to make the world a better place, I want to be a better person BUT if I don't ACT on it what does it matter. I must take ACTION in order to be successful, in order to achieve all the goals that I seek out! So I found these 7 Tips for Success that I think will be very helpful in my never ending strive for success. I hope you find them useful too! So start today and TAKE SOME ACTION! :-)

Here are 7 Tips for Success
  1. Take care of things right away.
"The trick is to step over nothing. Get in the habit of addressing everything that bothers you on the spot or as soon as is possible and appropriate afterward. Don’t ignore the little stuff. If you do, it will build up and you'll blow up."~ Talane Miedaner
"Take care of small problems before they become big problems."~ Dr. Dyer
  1. Perfect the present.
If you feel something is lacking, for example, you're saying to yourself, "I don't have enough money, enough time, etc., then there is "something imperfect about your present situation." Learn whatever it is you need to learn. Whether it's time management, prioritizing, or learning how to handle money, there is a lesson to be had when you feel your present isn't perfect.
  1. Eliminate the "Shoulds."
What are the "shoulds." The "shoulds" are those things that we say we should do, but don't really want to do. I should eat better, I should lose weight, I should make more money, and so on.
This tip involves taking all those things you think you "should" do and writing them down on a list. Either do it or get rid of it! No need to write them down if you are not going to take any action.
  1. Eliminate annoyances.
This is a big one for me, and I need to get better at it. Of all of the 7 tips for success listed here, this one and number one, taking care of things right away, are perhaps the hardest, and maybe the most important.
Many of us were taught to be polite, and accept what our circumstances were without complaining. While there is wisdom in that teaching, especially when you're a child, there comes a point as an adult when you should no longer accept less than the best for yourself. Unfortunately, that conditioning from youth sometimes takes over, and politeness wins out at our expense.
It's similar to the take care small problems before they become big problems idea in that if you allow something to go on, you're giving permission to others to treat you in a way that you don't deserve. Unfortunately, this applies to yourself too in that if you are tolerating your own bad habits (a messy desk, a messy house, nail biting, and so on), you're treating yourself badly.
“Everything you are tolerating drains your energy, makes you irritable, and wears you down." ~ Talane Miedaner
  1. Create 10 Daily Habits.
Choose 10 things to do daily that you can create habits around. The idea here is to pick things that inspire you, not things you "should" do. Choose things that juice you up and replace any old bad habits with these instead.
  1. Get your work done in half the time.
Ever notice how you can manage to wait until just hours before a deadline to get something done, and then bam, it's finished in time? This tip involves trying to use that same principle to "beat the clock" and get your work done in half the time. But, instead of waiting until the last minute, start right away. Then, use the remaining time to treat yourself to something pleasurable, or work on personal goals or your part-time business.
  1. Stop chasing success.
Of all of the 7 tips for success I've listed here, this one is probably the hardest to get a handle on. Most experts tell you to write down your goals. Instead, she says to throw away your to-do list, and even throw away your goals.
"It is impossible to go with the flow if you are run by your list of goals." ~Talane Miedaner
The less you chase success, the more likely it is to come your way. (Totally Agree with this one – I may be an avid dreamer but I DO NOT chase dreams…patient is really a virtue)
  1. Just do it... NOW!
This tip is very obviously number 8! I couldn't help but throw this in there since I was on a roll. This is the anti-procrastination mantra... do it now. Don't put things off. I have a hard time with this one too, and I'm sure you know others who do as well. Anything you put off today is just something you'll have to take care of later. It's much more efficient to take care of it now.


Its been a pretty tough week! And even though I've managed to get in my weekly workouts I've still been kinda under the weather. Let's be honest, raising a 2 year old boy isn't a walk in the park especially if you are doing it solo! But I enjoy every minute of it even on the days when I can hardly keep my eyes open. I am blessed to have a GREAT support system; my family and friends are a HUGE part of Aaron's life and I don't know what I would do without them! They keep me sane! Although Aaron's father and I are no longer together he is very much involved in Aaron's everyday life. Its blatantly  clear that we both love and want the best for Aaron but at times we tend to disagree rather than agree on how to raise our son. This is when I call on my inner strength, I am not one to argue matter of fact I HATE TO ARGUE!!! I'm that person that balls everything inside in order to save the situation, and decides its just better to forget about it then to discuss it. I know this is a very VERY bad thing, but I've done it almost all my life! I've been s-l-o-w-l-y trying to change this bad habit of mine. I have started speaking my mind and as it turns out I have a LOT to say! LOL! :-)

As Aaron gets older I'm sure I will continue to have more debates with his father but at the end of the day its not about finding a common ground its about what's BEST for Aaron. And frankly, I know what's right and what's best for my son! So I am going to walk TALL, and speak my MIND because I am STRONG! LOL! Okay so I'm joking. But in all honesty, I want Aaron to continue to be happy, but also healthy and smart! Some days seem heavier than others but I know God wouldn't give me anything that I couldn't handle! I can do this, some days I feel weak but I know I am strong! I can do anything that I set out to do!

Today, someone reminded me that I know what's right for my son and that I should act on it. I can't expect people to change their ways if I don't point out what's wrong in a situation. He also reminded me that I don't have to feel sorry or bad about the outcome of expressing my concerns regarding my child. Thank you! And thank you for always having my back! I know that I am strong, and I know that I am doing what's best for my child. "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matt. 19:26).

What is EE?

So a few months ago I found out that Aaron was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE).

Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE or EoE) is an emerging disease that is increasingly being recognized among pediatricians, internists, allergist, gastroenterologists (GI specialists), and other physicians. It is a condition that affects the esophagus and has been rising in incidence over the past decade. The main EE symptoms may mimic gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and can vary depending on the age of the child.

When Aaron was around 9 months he would vomit excessively. Initially my pediatrician suggest that he had really bad reflux but after several attempts to correct the reflux there was no solution. My poor baby was throwing up left & right :-( I felt so helpless! After several attempts and no success I decided it was time for a change so we switched pediatricians and off the bat they recommended that we visit a Allergist to seek help. After a few trips to the Allergist they realized that Aaron had severe food allergies to Milk, Eggs, Fish, and Peanuts. Once these foods were eliminated from his diet the vomiting decreased however it was still happened daily which was GREAT compared to 3-5x per day.

At around 18 months our pediatrician recommended that we visit a gastroenterologists (GI Specialist) to assist with Aaron's vomiting, although it was not as often it was still a problem. After a visit to the GI Specialist they informed us that Aaron had poor weight gain, the term they used was failure to thrive. After hearing this I was lil boy was so happy but so sick at the same time! I was a big mess, I knew something wasn't right but he had always been on the smaller side and he had an increased appetite but I guess it didn't really matter if he was vomiting daily. Our GI Specialists decided the best thing to do was to go to the root of the problem, so she scheduled an endoscopy for Aaron so that she could take a closer look at his stomach and esophagus. Once we got the results back from the endoscopy it was apparent that Aaron had severe reflux but that there were also a lot of white blood cells present in his esophagus. So she treated the reflux with a high dose of Prevacid which in results helped 100% with the vomiting and suggested we come back for a follow up endoscopy to see if any further problems exist.

After 3 months on the Prevacid (with great progress) we went in for our follow up endoscopy. This is when our GI Specialist informed us that Aaron has EE, the doctor informed me that EE was a fairly new disease that’s becoming more common amongst children. She informed me that children with food allergies are more likely to develop EE. In future posts I will discuss what actions we are currently taking to decrease the symptoms of Aaron's EE.


We had a GREAT weekend! We took Aaron and my cousin, Noelle to the Crime & Punishment Museum in Washington, DC. You should definitely check it out if you haven't already, it was pretty interesting. We planned on also visiting the Spy Museum but time didn't allow. The weather wasn't too great but we still had an awesome adventure in DC. I love taking the metro and walking around in DC and Aaron loves getting on the "Train" him and my nephew both <3 Thomas the Train!!!

 Chillin' on the metro

Swimming 101

Aaron LOVES the water!!! This is the second summer I signed him up for parent/child swimming lessons at Sharon Baucom Dale City Recreation Center and he had a blast!!! I try and plan for a trip to the pool at least every 2 weeks so that Mr. Aaron can get his fix of the water! Earlier this summer he wouldn't dare go down the kiddie slide by himself, now he's all brand new and can manage alone! My lil pumpkin is growing up!!!

after a trip to water works